Amazing Keratin Treatment in Ocala, Florida

BY Erika Chavez
kerating smoothing treatment in Ocala FL

If you have naturally frizzy hair and find it hard to shake that “just got out of bed” look, you’ve probably tried every treatment in the book, but there is good news! Now you can find the amazing keratin treatment in Ocala, FL. You’ve no doubt experimented with different brushing and washing techniques, chemical treatments, stylers, haircuts and conditioners, but sometimes your hair just doesn't want to play ball. You gaze at celebrities like Meghan Markle with their sleek, shiny hair that they make look almost effortless, and wish you could look like that too.

Having frizzy hair can make you look unkempt and seem as if you haven’t made an effort, even when you’ve spent the best part of a morning trying to tame your unruly locks. You walk out the house and two minutes later you see your reflection in a shop window, looking like a bird has nested on your head. And those humid summer days and spending too long in a steamy bathroom make the problem even worse. 

If this sounds like you, then you no longer need to worry. Keratin treatment may just be the answer to all your problems. Also known as smoothing treatment or a Brazilian blowout, keratin straightening is a revolutionary procedure that allows you to enjoy smoother, shinier hair with just one salon appointment. 

Keratin Straightening Treatment, what is it? 

Keratin treatment involves sealing your hair cuticles with a coating of protein that smooths your hair, eradicates frizz, and adds softness and shine. You should expect the process to generally take somewhere between two to four hours, but this will depend on many aspects of your hair, including the type, length and texture.

kerating smoothing treatment before and after picture

If you have never experienced a keratin treatment before, here is what you can expect from the process. When you arrive at the salon, your hair will be thoroughly washed and shampooed in advance to remove any oils or residue from hair products. Once your hair is clean, your stylist will then apply the keratin treatment to your wet hair, all the way from root to ends while combing it to ensure an even distribution. The formula will need to saturate each strand for approximately half an hour. Once the keratin has been applied, your stylist will begin to dry your hair gradually, while using a flat iron to ensure your hair is as smooth and straight as possible.

After your treatment, you will not be able to shampoo your hair for approximately three days. Depending on your treatment, there may also be other rules you’ll have to abide by, such as no tucking your hair back, putting it into ponytails, pinning or braiding it. This allows the product to settle in fully without disrupting the process.

What is keratin?

If you are still wondering just what exactly keratin is and whether it’s safe to put it on your hair, don’t worry. Keratin is a natural protein that already exists in your hair. It forms a protective barrier around each hair strand, helping it stay fibrous and youthful. There are two key types of keratin treatment available which work in different ways. If you opt for a professional keratin treatment, the protein will be used to break the bonds in the hair which has the effect of softening your curls and smoothing frizz. On the other hand, you could opt for an at-home keratin treatment, which coats your hair strands with a protective keratin barrier, protecting it from humidity, the leading cause of frizzy hair. The latter option is much easier and more affordable, yet it will not have the long-lasting effects of a professional treatment. You can also purchase keratin shampoos, conditioners and other products which serve to temporarily improve the strength and shine of your hair. 

What you need to know about your first keratin treatment

Going in for your first keratin treatment can be a nerve-wracking experience if you don’t know what to expect. That’s why it’s important to brush up on the procedure before you go ahead. This way you will eliminate your nerves and be prepared for everything that will happen on the day. It will also help you make your mind up as to whether keratin treatment is the right choice for you. 

Firstly, you should be prepared to sit in the chair for a long time. The exact duration will depend on the nature of your hair, but you will most likely be sitting for well over an hour, and possibly closer to four hours. So if you’re not sure you can sustain small talk for that long, you might want to bring a book. As mentioned already, the process involves shampooing, drying until it is mostly dry, applying the treatment in small sections at a time, letting it settle in, blow-drying the product into the hair, flat-ironing the hair in tiny sections, rinsing the hair, shampooing again, applying the keratin treatment and then blow-drying once again. There are several steps to the process and for this reason it can take a long time. But when you think about the fact that you only need to book one appointment to enjoy long-lasting beautiful hair, you will see that it is time well spent.

While the treatment is going on, you may notice some odd side-effects which may be alarming at first but are really nothing to worry about. Some people notice a strange musty smell from the keratin treatment throughout the process. Although it’s not an overly offensive odour, it is unusual and it will usually disappear by the end of the treatment. However, for some people a faint trace might remain until your first post-treatment hair wash. You can avoid any unpleasant odours entirely by opting for an organic treatment that does not use chemicals such as formaldehyde.

After the keratin treatment is applied and you begin your first blowout, you may also notice some white flakes start to fall from your head. But don’t start to panic that you’ve suddenly developed dandruff. This is a natural part of the process. The flakes are not skin from your scalp but actually layers of excess product residue flaking off your hair. They will no doubt disappear by the time you have your final rinse. 

The final, and most important, thing you need to prepare for is the mindblowing results. You will no doubt be expecting to have smoother, straighter hair but you will be surprised by just how effective the treatment really is. After the final blowout, your hair will be remarkably straighter and smoother, and you will be able to style it in whatever fashion you wish. Your life will never be the same after your keratin treatment.

Take a look at some before and after pictures for an idea of the results that you can experience from a keratin treatment. 

How to get rid of damaged hair? 

There are all kinds of problems people experience when it comes to their hair. Damage to your hair can make it look dull and frizzy and be impossible to manage. And it’s more than just the odd split end. When hair becomes extremely damaged, cracks form in your hair cuticles, exposing them to the outside world and opening them up to even more risk of breakage. Damaged hair can be caused by a million different factors, and different causes often require a specific solution to fix the problem. 

Perhaps your hair damage was caused by using too much harmful chemical dye. This can remove the moisture from your hair, causing it to become dry, brittle, and coarse to the touch. Alternatively, it may be down to using too much bleach. When you bleach your hair, the chemicals enter your hair strands and dissolve the melanin that gives your hair its natural colour. This can leave your hair dry, porous, and fragile, while also changing the structure of your hair to make it weaker and more brittle.

Another reason for damage is excessive use of heat tools such as blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons. Styling with these appliances too frequently and at too high a heat can effectively cook the fibres of your hair and lead to raised cuticles and overly porous hair, making your strands much more prone to damage. 

The best way to avoid damaged hair is to look after it at all times. Don’t overuse products such as dyes and bleaches, and have them applied by a professional when you do. When using heat products, lower the temperature to avoid unnecessary damage, and blow dry from a distance rather than holding your hairdryer right up to your head. 

Be careful when detangling your hair. Damaged hair has a tendency to go frizzy and wild, particularly after getting wet, so avoid the urge to adopt an aggressive brushing technique. The risk of damage increases when your hair is damp, so never use a brush on wet hair unless you have one specifically designed for that purpose. When you exit the shower, refrain from vigorous towelling and instead blot your hair gently with a soft, clean towel to avoid putting stress on vulnerable hair. 

Visit a hairdresser regularly to treat any damage and remove split ends before the problem has a chance to worsen. When the ends of your hair split, the strands can begin to unravel from the bottom up, in the same way that a sweater can unravel from a single loose thread. To avoid a single split end leading to a frizzy bird’s nest of hair, make sure you regularly check for damaged ends and remove them before they cause any more damage.

When you do have damaged hair there are a wealth of different treatments you can use to alleviate the problem. Some people swear by hair masks, which apply natural restorative and moisturizing vitamins and oils to your locks. When you apply them to wet hair, they penetrate more deeply into the hair surface than products such as conditioners, and fill in the microscopic cracks that develop on the surface of damaged hair. The effects of the mask even keep working after you’ve rinsed your hair. 

Leave-in hair treatments are another option, which protect your hair all day because you don’t rinse them out like you would with a shampoo or conditioner. An added bonus is that they can be configured to your specific hair-type, for example offering UV protection to prevent brightly coloured hair from fading or moisturizing properties to make frizzy and unruly hair smoother and more manageable. 

Another great alternative is to seal your bonds. When you use chemical dyes or other products, they work so effectively because they modify the structure of your hair. By breaking down the bonds they allow you to alter your hair’s natural properties and change its pigmentation and behaviour. But once these bonds become compromised, their susceptibility to dryness and breakage skyrockets. For this reason, sealing your bonds through special preservative formulas can prevent this damage from occurring. You can simply add these formulas to your current hair dye or lightener, or have your stylist do it for you. This will prevent bond destruction and inhibit future damage.

Although all of these methods for treating damaged hair can be effective, what they have in common is that they are ongoing processes and have to be constantly repeated in order to maintain your beautiful hair. On the other hand, a treatment such as keratin straightening is a one-off treatment that repairs your damaged hair and lasts for a very long time, saving you the trouble of constant management and care.

What makes your hair go frizzy?

Even without any damage whatsoever, some people are far more susceptible to unsightly frizzy hair than others. And the predominant cause of frizzy hair is dryness. Your hair craves moisture, and if it is naturally dry, it will try to seek out hydration wherever it can. In the same way that plants in the rainforest grow towards the light, your dry hair cuticles will rise up to allow more moisture in from the atmosphere. This is why you may notice your hair is particularly susceptible to swelling up on humid days or in steamy bathrooms. If your hair is constantly dry, this dehydration will lead to lasting damage, leaving your hair frizzy and lifeless. That’s why it is so important to look after your hair and ensure it is getting the moisture and nutrients it needs to survive and stay strong.

What are some treatments for frizzy and dry hair? 

Many people with frizzy hair simply brush it off (no pun intended) as their natural hair texture and assume there is nothing to be done about it. But this is not the case. As with any hair problems, all you need is some insight into what is causing your frizziness, and the correct hair care regimen to deal with it.

One key solution is to ensure you are eating and drinking right. If you never give your body the nutrients and hydration it craves, your hair will suffer, as will many other parts of your appearance. Make sure you eat a nutritious, balanced diet and drink eight glasses of water every day. 

Eliminate frizziness by paying extra attention to your hair care routine. When blow drying your hair, make sure it is completely dry before venturing out, as even the slightest trace of dampness will cause it to frizz uncontrollably. And remember to blow the hair away from the roots and down towards the ends. Blowing your hair in the opposite direction will cause the cuticle to raise and bring back that unsightly frizziness you’ve spent so long trying to prevent. 

Often, frizzy-haired people tend to use hairspray to flatten down the unruly tufts and make their hair more manageable but this can cause more problems than it solves. Hairsprays generally contain large quantities of alcohol which dries out the hair and causes it to frizz even further. Use a natural anti-frizz oil or hydrating cream instead to preserve the health of your hair.

Using the right shampoo and conditioner is essential. Products that contain sulphates can be incredibly harmful to your hair, stripping it of its natural oils which are essential for retaining moisture and battling frizz. Take care when purchasing hair products and always check the ingredients to ensure they are sulphate-free. This way they will be gentler on your hair and scalp. In addition you should also avoid overwashing, and only use shampoo when you really need it. If your hair is particularly prone to frizzing, you may even find a better solution is to skip shampoos altogether and opt for a cleansing conditioner that contains moisturizing ingredients instead.

If you feel you have tried everything but nothing seems to work, don’t feel disheartened. People can spend so much time trying to change their appearance that their self-esteem and body confidence begins to suffer. Rather than trying to alter your hair, why not embrace it for what it is? There are over seven billion people on the planet, each one of them different from the rest with their own unique aspects and characteristics. Learn to love what makes you individual, and that means embracing your frizzy hair. After all, plenty of the most stunning celebrities in the world have frizzy hair and know how to make it look incredible. Shakira, Solange Knowles, and Sarah Jessica Parker are just a few notable examples. There are several ways you can style your hair to make your frizz work for you. Try opting for wavy hair with plenty of texture so that when you find the frizz creeping back, it is far less noticeable.

How long does keratin straightening last? 

It’s possible to spend an enormous amount of time and money on improving the appearance of your hair. When you go in for a new treatment, you want to be confident not only that the results will look fantastic, but that you can enjoy them for a significant amount of time. You don’t want those beautiful effects to disappear the moment you next wash or blow dry your hair.

Of course, the specific amount of time that keratin straightening lasts for will depend on the exact type, texture and length of your hair, but you can generally expect the results to endure for about four months. This is one of the great things about the treatment, as it lasts a lot longer than other straightening procedures, and requires a lot less ongoing maintenance. Plus, having spent four hours in the salon chair, you would expect your results to last a long time!

But you still have to be cautious about how you treat your newly keratin-straightened hair after the procedure. If you’re not careful, you could end up losing the results quicker than anticipated. But with the right level of care and attention you will be able to stretch out the effects for much longer. Keratin is not a product that permanently straightens your hair. It is found naturally in the body and can be lost due to processes like overwashing, bleaching, heating, colouring, solar radiation and using poor quality hair products. Although it relaxes, smooths and straightens the hair, it does not change its internal structure, and for this reason the change is only temporary, even if it is relatively long-lasting. 

There are some tips you should be aware of before going in for your first keratin-straightening treatment that will help you to make it last longer. Your stylist will no doubt inform you of these tips on the day, but it would be wise to make yourself as knowledgeable about the procedure as possible. Firstly and most importantly, you should not wash your hair for at least 48 hours after the treatment is complete. No matter how many important events or dates you have to attend, you’ll have to restrain that urge to jump in the shower for a little while. This will allow the keratin to settle in and do its job properly. If you wash your hair too soon, you will risk sacrificing some of its effectiveness. Some people find this step difficult, but bear in mind how good it will feel when you can finally wash your hair after a couple of days.

The second tip is that you must start using the right hair care products. As we’ve already mentioned, you should be only using products that are 100% sulphate-free. If you are not accustomed to using shampoos and conditioners without sulphates, you may find them a bit unusual as they produce a lot less foam. But on the plus side, they cause a lot less dryness and damage to your hair. A leave-in conditioner or a hydrating mask is also a great idea to make the effects of your keratin straightening last longer, and you should also be careful about how you dry your hair. Don’t scrub your scalp aggressively with a towel or you will risk doing a lot of damage. Simply blot it with a soft towel carefully to ensure you protect and preserve your new hair.

Depending on how well you have cared for your hair, you will notice the effects start to fade after four months or so. There’s a very good chance you will be overjoyed with the results and be keen to repeat the treatment to continue making the most of the aesthetic benefits. By having a keratin treatment every few months, you can ensure that you will keep the frizziness at bay while also coating your hair with the protein it needs to grow strong and healthy. It will also help to seal up any cracks and close up damaged ends to prevent dryness and loss of moisture.

Does keratin treatment straighten hair? 

There are so many different hair-straightening treatments out there that making the right choice can be overwhelming. Many of them purport to be able to give you the silky smooth hair you desire, but with varying levels of efficacy. With this in mind, you would be forgiven for asking yourself just how effective keratin really is as a straightener. 

Keratin treatment has been in high demand now for several years due to its straightening properties. Frizzy and tangled hair is generally caused by hair that is overly porous which struggles to retain moisture. Keratin effectively fills in the gaps, seeps into the hair, and is then sealed into place with the help of the heat from a flat iron. This helps the hair to retain moisture and remain straight in a more natural way than other chemical treatments. Keratin is a natural protein found in your hair and other parts of the body such as fingernails, and can be lost through aging and improper hair treatment. Therefore, the keratin straightening process simply gives you more of the substance your hair needs to remain silky smooth. 

Can keratin damage your hair? 

With any new treatment, you should of course be careful that you are choosing a procedure that will not cause any damage to your hair. Many salons offer chemical treatments which can cause severe damage over time. It is important to be aware of any possible side effects and risks before you begin. Keratin treatments will give you a range of benefits, including hair that is lustrous, smooth and thick. It will make you look radiant and feel good about yourself too. But you need to ensure that you both have your hair treated by a reputable stylist, and that you take proper care of it afterwards.

Some keratin products may contain small quantities of chemicals such as formaldehyde, which can be extremely damaging to the hair. As a result, it is best to opt for a product that does not use any harmful chemicals. There are plenty of organic solutions available, which are designed with your health in mind. In addition, if high temperatures are used throughout the process your hair might be at risk of breakage. If your stylist uses a blow dryer or a flat iron that is too hot or used incorrectly, your hair might suffer as a result. 

As with any hair treatment, there are risks that could arise if the procedure is not carried out safely and properly, but by using the right products and finding the right stylist you will have nothing to worry about. In fact, keratin straightening will nourish and strengthen your hair and make it even less susceptible to damage than it was before the start of the treatment.

Does the keratin treatment cause hair loss? 

Every new hair treatment that comes on the market soon carries with it various cautionary tales about how it can cause your hair to fall out, but with keratin straightening, the only risk is if the procedure is carried out in an unsafe fashion. As long as your stylist is careful with the level of heat used and you do not use products that contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, then there is little chance of ensuing damage or hair loss. If you are concerned, make sure you choose a trusted hair stylist with a good reputation for carrying out keratin treatments. Speak with them in advance about your concerns and this should set your mind at ease.

The organic system we use at Kosmerika Organika. 

At Kosmerika Organika, the health and appearance of your hair is our number one concern. We want you to feel good about your radiant, smooth new straightened hairstyle, and we will ensure that you are protected from any risk of damage. For this reason we only use organic keratin products. Our hair smoothing solution is completely formaldehyde-free and incorporates only the finest ingredients available. Experience the traditional keratin smoothing treatment without any of the harmful chemicals or possible side-effects that can come with the wrong treatment. There is no unpleasant odour and the lack of chemicals means that the bonds will not break and damage your hair as a result. It works on all hair types and lasts for up to five months.

If you’re based around ocala Florida, and in need of straight, frizz-free hair, why not take a look at our organic keratin smoothing treatment here.

How much does the keratin treatment cost? 

With all these wonderful benefits and organic chemical-free treatments, you are probably wondering how much this is all going to cost. Although you can’t really put a price on having perfectly smooth, straight beautiful hair, the cost of our treatments depends on the length and style of your hair. Our price starts at $250 for a full keratin smoothing treatment which is non-toxic, completely safe and lasts up to five months. It is only necessary to book one appointment and you will experience long-lasting benefits well after the treatment is over.

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