How To Take Care Of Highlighted Hair At Home

BY Erika Chavez
How To Take Care Of Highlighted Hair At Home

Whether you want to add a little volume and depth to your hair, or if you want a change, highlights are a great way to switch up our look. In this article I have put together some top tips below on how to take care of highlighted hair at home.

No matter if your hair is a dazzling, platinum blonde, a deep shade of ebony black, red, blue, brunette, or anything in between, it is crucial to keep it in good condition. After getting your new highlights, you will want to maintain the organic color for as long as possible. Here are the top ways on how to take care of highlighted hair at home and keep them fresh for as long as possible.

What to do after getting highlights?

Once you have got highlights, there are a few things you need to do in the aftermath to ensure your hair starts off in the best condition possible. After all, coloring is a big process for your hair to go through, so you want to make sure it does as little damage as possible. You want to be able to show off your new locks, not worry that they look dry and brittle. It is vital that you do not wash your hair for at least twenty-four hours after getting it colored, and many experts recommend waiting at least forty-eight hours. The reason for this is that it allows your new hair color to be completely absorbed. 

What to do after getting highlights

When you do wash your hair for the first time, it is important that you use a good organic conditioner. The two main goals you want to achieve once you have highlighted your hair is to protect the new color and to nourish the hair, so it is important you keep the hair as packed with moisture as you can. One of the main reasons that hair gets so dry after being dyed is that regular hair color chemicals (not organic) can make your hair more porous, which means that it releases moisture much more easily than before. Every time you get your hair wet, it is in danger of releasing moisture; you want to take the best care of it possible when this happens. The first time that you wash your hair after getting your hair highlighted, it is important to follow the next few steps.

Firstly, don't use water that is hot to wash or rinse your hair. This heat will open the outer layer of your hair, where the color can seep out, causing fading and dryness. Instead, opt for lukewarm water or even cold if you can, and your hair has the best possible chance. Warm water allows the shampoo and conditioner to penetrate your hair and cleanse it thoroughly, while cold water causes the pores to shrink, effectively sealing the hair's cuticle from the root.

When choosing the shampoo and conditioner to use, be sure to read and follow the instructions carefully and choose ones that are specially formulated for colored hair. Don't rinse your hair too excessively; it is better to tilt your head and let the water run through your hair itself for a few minutes to get the shampoo and conditioner out naturally, rather than making it excessively wet.

How to dry your highlighted hair

Once you have washed your hair, it is time to dry it. However, you will want to stay away from any heated items as much as possible. When you have highlighted your hair, you will want to remember to schedule in washing it when you don't need to go out somewhere immediately after so you can let it dry naturally rather than blasting it with a hairdryer. If you are having a day where you need to wash and dry it immediately, try using dry shampoo and hold off another day. There is a myriad of dry shampoos out there, but it is best to opt for color-safe ones as they have the least negative impact on your hair. These help to refresh your highlighted hair but also, don't fade the color. Dry shampoo is also great for adding in some volume, so it can leave your hair looking beautifully styled with minimum effort!

How to dry your highlighted hair

While you may think that drying your hair without the use of a hairdryer is simply a process of letting it dry itself, there are many more steps than this if you want to keep your hair in the best position possible. While simply letting your hair air-dry and without any other help does work, there is a better way to do it that doesn't wind up in you having a head full of frizzy locks. Firstly, don't use a regular bath towel to brush your hair dry. If you rub your hair with a normal towel, it can be rough on your hair, split strands, and encourage frizziness. Instead, opt for a dedicated hair towel (there are many on the market and are often made from microfibre, which is much better for your hair) or a soft t-shirt. Rather than rubbing your hair dry, pat it gently to avoid any pulling or breakage.

When your hair is partially dry, it is time to use a leave-in product that will further moisturize your hair. If you are looking to get a certain finish to your hair, such as waves, curls, or additional texture, there are products you can get for this too. There are sprays that you can use, which will leave it with natural waves, or a mousse, which you can use to create curls. For this, simply dispense mousse into your hair, apply it to your locks from roots to the end and gently scrunch to style. Once you have done this, leave it to air dry naturally. You could also braid your hair into plats while it is wet. When you take these plaits out when your hair is dry, it will leave you with a lovely, natural-looking wave to your hair.

How to keep highlighted hair healthy

Keep your hair protected when out in the sun

When it comes to keeping your highlighted hair healthy, it is a good idea to try and use products that will protect your hair when out and about. The sun can fade your hair color and dry it out, so this is particularly important if you live somewhere hot and sunny! Search the market and find products that are both conditioning and also include UV protection to keep your hair in the best condition possible. It is also a good idea if you are going to be out for a long time in very hot heat to try and wear your hair up or, even better, cover it in a cap so that the sun's rays can't penetrate your hair. Try to restrict the amount of time that you spend in direct sunlight - the last thing you want is a sunburnt scalp that will soon turn dry, itchy, and flaky and also impact the quality of your hair.

Protect your hair when out for a swim in the sea or your local pool

Swimming pools contain high levels of chlorine, which can wreak havoc on your hair. Chlorine can be a nightmare for dyed locks as it sucks moisture from your hair, which can leave it brittle, dry, and in a tangled mess, as well as potentially turning blonde hair green. Before you head into the swimming pool, coat your hair in some oil such as olive oil or coconut oil. This creates a barrier between your hair and the chlorine, effectively creating a protective barrier. You should also try and rinse your hair off with clean water before you jump into the pool, as it stops your hair from absorbing so much chlorine. If you don't have a shower nearby, you could also use a bottle of water. Another way you can protect your hair when you swim is to pile your hair up onto the top of your head and keep it out of the water, or to wear a swimming hat. Whether you style it into a bun or plaits, it is a good way of keeping your hair fresh and also switching up your look at the same time! Once you have finished your swim, try and wash your hair right away. You want to get any sea salt or chemicals from the pool out of your locks as soon as possible, so they don't have a chance to get absorbed. Don't forget to finish with a deep condition too!

Don't forget to use a heat protectant spray when using heat tools

While it is best to let your hair air dry, and you can style your hair like this, it is unrealistic to think that you will never again use tools such as curlers or straighteners to give your hair a more refined finish. If you are going out or if it is a special occasion, you might want to go the extra mile and make more of an effort with styling your hair. You can still use curling tons and straighteners on your hair, but it is best to take the necessary steps first which Overusing your hair styling tools and using them badly can lead to your hair breaking, being dry and brittle, and the color fading. Remember that these tools can reach temperatures of over 400 degrees, which can lift or break your hair's cuticles allowing moisture to escape and drying out your hair. If there are heat settings, try to put it on a lower heat and don't hold them on your hair for too long. Use heat-protective sprays, which you can apply to both towel dry or dry hair before styling. These aren't too expensive and can be a real life-saver for your hair. Try not to use too many products, however, as they can cause a buildup on your individual hair strands that mean they don't allow your hair's natural oils to be secreted and can also irritate your scalp.

Do a deep condition at least once a week

What to do after getting highlights?

Deep conditioning at least once a week is one of the most important things you can do for your colored hair. No matter if you feel that your hair isn't damaged, it will prevent it from becoming so, much better than if you were to skip this process. Deep conditioning is designed to hydrate and soften your hair and reduce any damage that has been done by coloring, heat tools, and chemicals that have come into contact with your hair, such as through swimming or being out in the sun. It also helps to improve the elasticity of your hair that can combat breakage, and improve your hair's overall health. While deep conditioning hair treatments do differ, some of the most popular ingredients to be found in them include avocado oil, almond oil, rosehip oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, and argan oil. It is often recommended that you do a deep conditioning treatment to your hair once a week if you have dyed it, as it is in need of a more rigorous condition.

When you condition your hair, you should try and leave the deep conditioner on for anywhere between five to thirty minutes, depending on how dry your hair is. It is always better to leave it on for longer as it gives your hair more time to absorb in the nutrients and goodness from the conditioner.

You can choose to either deep condition in the shower (which is a good idea as the steam opens the hair follicles and allows for better absorption, or by applying it to your hair and leaving it on with a shower cap over it to leave the conditioner to work its magic. You could also apply it to your hair just before you go to sleep and leave it to permeate your hair through the night before washing it out the next morning - don't forget you will need something to protect your pillowcase in this instance! Some top tips for applying a conditioning mask is to always do it on clean hair, so leave time to shampoo your hair first. Apply it to the end where the hair is the most dry and likely to split, then work it to your scalp. You also want to be careful that you don't apply too much conditioner to your hair as this could weigh it down and make your hair both look and feel greasy even once you have washed it out, which is not the desired outcome! When you have left the conditioner on for the amount of time you want, then try and wash it out with cold water to close off the hair cuticle and lock the moisture into your locks.

Invest in a shower head filter

If you find that your hair is dry and limp when you have dyed it, but conditioners aren't really helping, it could be due to the water quality. Where you live, and the quality of your water can have a big impact on your hair. In different areas, water has higher and lower levels of minerals, fluorides, chlorine, and iron, which can quickly affect your hair condition. Luckily, by investing in a shower head filter, you can help to sort this out. Shower filters come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all do a similar job. Their main task is that with the water filter cartridge that is fitted inside, it removes things that could damage your hair, such as metals, chemicals, chlorine, and algae, which are in the water. You are then left with beautifully clean water that is much better for your locks. As long as you keep the water to a lower temperature and ensure that you change your filter according to the instructions, you will soon notice a big difference and be able to reap in the benefits from the higher water quality in your shower.

How do I keep blonde highlighted hair healthy?

How do I keep blonde highlighted hair healthy

The saying is that blondes have more fun, yet little do the others know that when it comes to caring for hair, blonde hair can be a bit of a nightmare. It is the most susceptible to damage and effects from the outside elements. As any blonde will know, your hair can be changed by anything from water quality to the sun - and has the most chance of going a brassy shade too, which is a far cry from the glossy blonde most of us want! To get the perfect shade of blonde in your hair, you often have to have it bleached, which can be a very harsh process on your locks. Bleaching essentially strips away the color from your hair, but it also takes with it the nutrients and oils, which is why it can leave your hair feeling dry and damaged. It is also a reason that you don't want to get your hair bleached too often. If you have blonde highlights, unfortunately, you are going to want to stay out of the sun as much as you can. The UV rays from the sun are harmful to your hair in the fact that they can dry it out, but also that they can alter the tone of your hair to a brassy orange rather than a golden glow.

It is a good idea to wear a hat and put a protective spray on your hair before going out. Also, try to stay in the shade as much as you possibly can. Over time, your blonde hair will, unfortunately, naturally to a more brassy shade, and you don't want to have to continually dye it to stop this from happening. This is why it is a good idea to invest in purple shampoo. If you haven't used a purple shampoo before, don't worry. It's not as scary as it sounds! Purple shampoo is one of the best ways out there to avoid your hair turning to a brassy tone and will help you to keep the color you paid all the money to get it dyed. The reason that purple shampoo works, is that if you look at a color wheel, purple is directly opposite yellow. When your hair follicle absorbs the shampoo, the purple cancels out any yellow tones that might be in your hair.

There are a lot of purple shampoos on the market, so it is a good idea to do your research and find the one that is best for you. They all have different qualities, and some could end up drying your hair out even more or making it look greasy. You also want to try and find one that is sulfate-free as it can keep more moisture locked into your hair and gives your hair a gentler clean. Similar to a hair mask, it is a good idea to try and use a purple shampoo at least once a week. If you find that your hair is still becoming yellow, you can increase this. You could also leave it in your hair for five minutes as a mini hair mask - just be careful as purple shampoo can stain surfaces, so you will want to try and protect anything around you.

How often should you wash highlighted hair?

Once you have highlighted your hair, it is important that you keep it clean while also preserving your color. You don't want to have spent lots of money having your hair dyed, only for it to be, quite literally, flushed down the drain. Because of this, it is recommended that you wash your hair as little as possible. Try and do it no more than once every two or three days, and use dry shampoo as advised above if you find your hair is starting to look greasy in between appointments. If you are considering whether or not to wash your hair before the coloring takes place, this depends. If you have bleached highlights, it is often recommended you don't wash your hair as the natural oils which can be found in your scalp can protect your head during the process of applying the dye. It is a good idea to speak to your colorist before your appointment and see what they recommend you do to your hair prior to having the highlights done.

What is the best organic shampoo for color-treated hair, and why use an organic shampoo? 

How often should you wash highlighted hair

When it comes to choosing the shampoos and conditioners for washing your hair, it can feel like an absolute minefield. Simply by walking into a store, you can see the dozens of different products on the shelf, making it nearly impossible to pick the one that will be best for your hair. One of the best products out there that you can choose for your locks is an organic shampoo and conditioner. One of the biggest differences between organic shampoos and conditioners and others is that the organic ones are free from artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and other man-made chemicals. You might notice that when you wash your hair with regular shampoo, you get a thick and foaming later, but with organic, you get a much less subtle result when washing. The foamy lather is actually due to the sulfates which are used in shampoos, which aren't organic that can act as an irritant over time and also leave your hair and scalp feeling dry and brittle. Organic shampoos are created from natural products such as herb extracts and natural plant oils that are much better for maintaining and improving your hair quality, growth, and thickening your hair. Silicones, which are found in many non-organic shampoos, can make the hair feel soft at first, but it is actually due to the fact it is coating the hair and not improving its condition.

You want to find an organic shampoo that is completely natural and will not only completely nourish and take care of your hair but also the planet too. There is such a myriad of benefits to using organic that once you start and see the big difference it makes to your locks, you won't go back. Be sure to check the product's packaging to find out if it is truly organic. If a brand labels it as "Made with organic ingredients," it means that the product must be made with at least 70% organic ingredients.

Some of the top organic products you can try are:

OWAY Silver Steel Hair Bath

This is a non-toxic purple shampoo that eliminates brassy and yellow tones, enhancing the brightness of your blonde or grey hair. It has a whole host of benefits, from neutralizing undesirable brassy tones to strengthening and revitalizing all hair types, hydrating your hair, and providing aromatherapy benefits to invigorate both the hair and mind.

It has no parabens, GMOs, or synthetics and is instead packed with healthy plants. These include the resurrection plant, which has a regenerating, anti-oxidative effect, organic maqui to slow down the aging process, ethical bacuri butter, which is rich in vitamin A, B, and C, and many more, all of which are a life-saver for your locks.

Oway Silver Steel Hair Bath

OWAY Moisturizing Hair Mask

Oway hair mask deeply nourishes and repairs dry and brittle hair, helping it to prevent split end formation. It works to replenish dry hair back to its optimal hydration and lipid levels and make your hair intensely soft and silky.

Some of the key ingredients include biodynamic hazel to nourish your hair fibers, organic honey to moisturize and replenish your hair, Fair Trade murumuru butter to deeply repair dry and dull hair due to its high levels of omega-9 fatty acids and plant proteins, and macadamia oil that closely resembles hair's natural oils that nourish, smooth and prevent split ends.

Oway Moisturizing Hair Mask

O&M Conquer Blonde Silver Shampoo

This O&M Conquer Blonde Silver Masque is a purple conditioner that deeply conditions your hair and restores the brightness of blonde and grey hair. It is packed with nourishing natural Australian and organic ingredients for the hair and scalp and is gluten-free and soy-free to reduce the risk of allergies.

This shampoo is ideal if you are looking to remove brassy tones from your hair and want to reveal your brightest blonde shade possible. It works to infuse blonde and silver tones with brightness and shine, eliminate any unwanted tones, support your hair's health and gently cleanse the hair and scalp.

O&M Conquer Blonde Silver Shampoo

It is a great choice if you are looking to refresh the color that you had in the salon. Some of the key ingredients include aloe vera for moisturizing, blue-violet pigments, organic desert lime, jojoba esters to retain color and prevent fading, UV protection against fading from the sun, and Vitamin B4 to help to maintain optimum hydration levels. 

O&M Conquer Blonde Silver Masque

This O&M Conquer Blonde Silver Masque is a purple conditioner that deeply conditions your hair and restores the brightness of blonde and grey hair. It is packed with nourishing natural Australian and organic ingredients for the hair and scalp and is gluten-free and soy-free to reduce the risk of allergies.

Key ingredients include violet pigments to counteract the brassy tones, certified organic coconut and macadamia oils for nourishment, Australian Quandong fruit for its levels of vitamin C, natural Shea butter, and UV protection to protect your hair from the sun.

O&M Conquer Blonde Silver Masque

We hope this comprehensive guide on how to take care of highlighted hair at home will ensure you can keep your hair in tip-top condition once it has been highlighted at a salon. There is nothing worse than shelling out a lot of money to have your hair exactly the way you want, only for it to fade a couple of weeks later. By following the above, you are sure to retain your salon-ready tresses for as long as possible and feel safe in the knowledge that your hair is as happy, healthy, and shiny as it can be.

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