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My name is Erika Chavez and I own and operate Kosmerika Organika hair salon in Ocala, Florida. This is a full service organic salon, so I use non-toxic haircare products, from shampoos, conditioners, treatments, hair color, etc. I only use certified organic brands, one of them is Oway (organic way), an Italian line from Bologna, Italy. They are a fantastic company that is really focused on making salons a greener space. All their products are consciously made. O&M (organic and mineral) is another line that I use at the salon. They are also sulfate, paraben free, PPD free, peg free, vegan and cruelty-free products.
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What is an organic hair salon?

Kosmerika Organika Hair Salon in Ocala, FL is a clean, non-toxic, ammonia free, green, professional haircare salon where you can get your hair trimmed, colored, styled, cut color, all this amazing stuff right in here without the use of products full of harsh chemicals. This is a space where you can breathe deeply, be relaxed and leave feeling great from the inside out.

Why is hairdressing client consultation important?

Every experience usually starts out just simply with a check-in, you know like how are you doing. Being a single hairdresser makes it easier for me to give my guests the time they deserve. I try to focus on what my clients are wanting for their hair instead of imposing what I think would be best.

Not all haircuts suit everyone, there are some aspects we have to consider before I even pick up my cutting shears. Whether you are searching for a fresh new look or have questions on how to take care of your hair, please feel free to ask any questions you may have, I’m here to listen and to give you customized advice. That comes in consultation and just talking and knowing what their lifestyle is and stuff like that.

As a hairdresser, I always take into consideration the shape of your head, hair texture, natural hair partitions, cowlicks, lifestyle, eye color, etc. A customized haircut can make you look younger and accentuate facial features or simulate them. Whether it's coloring or cutting I just want to really make sure that you feel fantastic when you leave.

The Kosmerika Organika Head Spa Experience

A client experience at my organic hair salon is meant to be very calm, so I am the only hairdresser here. When a guest comes in the door I feel like I want to really be able to focus on them so I try to be mindful of that. I have a diffuser with a special blend of essential oils for stress release and soft music playing in the background. This ambiance infused of aromatherapy is my way of welcoming guests without the use of words. My head spa idea is to create a memory-linked impression with this kind of relaxing experience.

When my guests arrive my priority is to make them feel welcomed, I offer a relaxing cup of hot tea or if they prefer just some fresh water. Beyond the common hair services, I want to provide them the head spa experience.

What is a head spa experience?

Many of us like to go get a massage or facial treatments once in a while, well, the head spa experience provides these relaxing sessions at the same time that I treat different scalp issues. Maybe just get a relaxing and detoxify scalp massage. The scalp treatments available at Kosmerika Organika hair salon are customizable depending on the person's scalp condition.

Customizable scalp treatments can go from just a detoxifying shampoo session for dry scalp or specialty treatments for anti-hair loss, hair revitalizing, sensitive soothing scalp treatments. All these treatments are performed with a holistic approach. 

I apply a stress-busting rhythmic shampoo technique. I massage the scalp from forehead down to the neck using only organic products.
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For my shampoo area, I painted it a little bit darker and decorated it with one of my own paintings so that when you're getting a shampoo it just feels a little deeper and you can really truly relax.

As I mentioned, Oway line is such delicious smelling, free of synthetic fragrances but infused with essential oils that help accentuate the head spa experience.

Why an organic salon and not a regular hair salon in Ocala, Florida?

Harmful ingredients in cosmetics and beauty products
I used to work for a national hair salon chain and other salons when I noticed that I was having little health stuff come up. I developed an allergy to several salon products and was also very intolerant to ammonia, synthetic fragrances, etc. A few years back when I was studying for one of my previous license renewals, I read more carefully about all the harmful chemicals present in hair products and their effects on our health. I found it overwhelming how most of them contain phthalates, propylene glycol, parabens or color pigments that are known to be powerful carcinogens in beauty products. It’s incredible how the FDA can still approve these substances for personal use.

Because of that, I started looking for healthier alternatives and that’s when I found Oway, which is a completely organic line from Italy. That made me very happy because it meant that I could still work as a hairstylist and not have to switch to a different career. Unfortunately, the place where I was working at is a national chain and they were married to renown brands, so obviously they weren’t going to switch to a healthy line. For some businesses, sales are just more important than the customer’s health.

When you go to to a regular hair salon you're exposed to ammonia, which is one of the most toxic chemicals in hair color. As a patron, you're being exposed to it at least every month or so and it's just very harsh on your respiratory system as well as on your skin and your scalp.

It's really important for people to realize that that's not only happening in the salon, it's also happening with the sulfates and parabens in regular shampoos you bring home. You are using these shampoos and conditioners and other styling products as well as personal care products that are not only going on your scalp but into your bloodstream through the skin. These harmful products are also going down the waterways really affecting our marine life and ecosystem.

In search of a drama-free healthier environment

Like I mentioned before, I am the only hairdresser at my salon and this is with the purpose of keeping a very personal and calming environment. When a guest comes in the door I feel like I want to really be able to focus on them so I try to be mindful of that. You receive personalized attention, all my space just for you without having to rush or overbooked appointments. I want you to feel very comfortable and relaxed because I want you to enjoy the service and your time at my salon.

To complement the experience I have a diffuser with a special blend of essential oils for stress release and soft music playing in the background. It’s a complete drama, noisy free zone. It is time to change that stereotype about hair salons but it needs to start with us as cosmetologists, and professional hairdressers.

Becoming one of the best hair salons in Ocala, FL

Ocala Florida has some of the best hair salons in Central Florida, I’ve had the opportunity to meet several hair salon owners in the area. 
All of them great business owners who truly care about their customers. I will strive for Kosmerika Organika to be considered among the best hair salons in Ocala.
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I really believe that beauty truly comes from within a person, it really does regardless of if you're wearing makeup that day or not, it really truly comes from how you're feeling deep inside. That's truly what Kosmerika Organika hair salon is about. When people leave my salon I always tell them to go out and be original, be pretty, be the best version of yourself. And my philosophy is that we are blessed to be a blessing.

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Go out and be original, be pretty,
be the best version of yourself.


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